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Beautiful Memories Starts with Home

Memory…is one of the most essential gift that a person treasures in his soul. Good or bad each memory is counted equally important. There is a saying in Hindi “ Ghar yaadon se banta hai”; this means that “A Home is built with Memories. So, it’s not the four walls that makes a home stand strong and beautiful, it’s the Memories.

Recall the first time when you bought a new house, it was empty and hollow. It didn’t portray any emotions or story out of it. It was a simple coloured and polished construction that you finally decided to occupy. A beautiful memory delivers the actual support to strengthen the Foundation of a Home.

Did you remember the beautiful footprints that you carved on the floor the day you first stepped inside your house?

You were dazzling with your with ornaments and the beautiful wedding dress that hugged you tight. A beautiful memory that will be always memorable for a girl. Isn’t that a amazing day to cherish! It’s only you and your fascinating memories that steadily and happily starts crafting the house into a magnificent home. Each corner of your home has a hidden memory. Every little celebration that you celebrate keeps on adding to your favourite memory list.

Remember the time, sitting on the couch and munching every bit of the popcorn. We are sure the sound of the cheers during the match with your cousins still amazes you!

Where does the story starts from?

Small or big, beautiful memories act as a catalyst to enhance the beauty of your home. The times when those tiny little crawls felt the smoothness of the long and calm passage of the home or the giggles that echoed under the big fancy roof. All these sounds amazing, right?

“The Balcony”, most precious part of a Home! The bright sun that kissed your cheeks, wine you sipped in the dusky evening, little starts that you gazed at night; together these memories frames at your own home sweet home.

Golden anniversaries celebration are always the best right?

Birthday cakes, the champagne shower and loads of funny jokes that still tickles you when you think about them. Recall your weekend gatherings and barbecue lunch plans in the sunny afternoons with your loved ones. And the food still makes you drip, right?

The UNO games that you lost with your dad, the crazy fights with your sister all are a part of  cherishing memories. All these accumulated golden memories are the tiny branches that is growing to a tree day every day. Our fragrance soy candles will be producing a magical effect on your mind and soul that will give you a quick ride to your ultimate Dreamland!

Invite a breeze of serene and beautiful memories to magnify your happiness at home.

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