When it is about creating a peaceful aura in your home, Lemon candles can brighten any space. It is sweet, herbal, yet fresh citrus essence lingers around even when the candle flame has died. Lemon candles are packed with a fresh aroma of citrus and clean-burning properties. The chemical composition of Lemon essential oil not only soothes the stress but also purifies the surrounding environment. It is a natural cleaning agent that enhances clarity and concentration. Whenever you are feeling cluttered, light up a fresh Lemoncandle to free your mind from unwanted distractions. It further burns slightly slower than other candles to give a long-lasting sense of harmony and sweet scent.

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This zesty fresh fragrance is all you need after a hectic day at work. Our lemon candles are absolutely soothing to calm your mind. Besides this this fragrance is known to cure your stress levels and anxiety issues. The best part about a candles is that they are made up of hundred percent pure soy wax. Not just this our lemon candles can also lost for a longer period of time as compare to other wax candles.

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