The Happiness Candle smells like a miracle comes alive. Created from a mix of thyme, eucalyptus, and lemongrass, it brings together the goodness of some of nature’s best scents and instantly gives you a mood lift. The candle burns for hours and spreads happiness and joy throughout your home, making it the perfect addition to an evening spent with family and friends. Its rejuvenating fragrance dispels the gloom and hits you like a thousand rays of sunshine. The distinct scent of eucalyptus soothes your mind and relaxes your body, and the uplifting whiff of lemongrass will leave you smiling all day long. Light up the Happiness Candle on days when you feel low, and see for yourself how it can transform a dull, ordinary day into an extraordinary, joyful one.

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Infused with fresh fragrances such as citrus and lemon, our happiness candles are a perfect way to create a peaceful aura in your household. Not just this, these candles can also create a perfect ambience for any occasion. Inspired by some of the fresh fragrances from around the world, our happiness candles are a perfect match for families and newlywed couples.

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    Nice and soothing product..

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