A fresh warmth of citrus fragrance with a zesty touch of grapefruit perfectly defines the aroma of Bergamotcandles. It radiates a feeling of a fresh orange being peeled nearby, which gives a calm, fruity scent. The aroma willfully enters your space and relieves stress, brings a sense of warmth, and slowly clear mental clutter. Traditionally, Bergamot holds a reputation of holistic healing therapy with multiple purposes including depression antidote and a pure aromatherapy agent after a long, exhausting day. The Bergamot essential oil further doubles as a cleaning agent, filling your home with a sweet, citrus scent that enhances the mood and concentration.

Bergamot is a fragrance that is the perfect answer for an ultimate escapism. Like any candle, they present a warm glow to an inner section of your house but it’s their cologne that give an area a genuine identity. From inducing memories to setting a certain tone, these candles create a multi-sensory experience and sharp atmosphere. A new warmth of citrus cologne with a zesty touch of grapefruit flawlessly defines the perfume of Bergamot candles. It emits a feeling of a fresh orange being skinned nearby, which gives a tranquil, rich scent.
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