Welcome to The Beetles

The inspiration behind the idea

This whole idea is purely inspired by women. As a woman starts their journey from a little girl to a lady progressively they sacrifice their comforts and prioritize their thoughts and responsibilities without bringing a second thought in mind without regretting over it. They become the light of someone’s life as a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother and spread inspiration, love, happiness at home. They keep flaring just with a smile on their face!

A candle to fade the darkness

About us

We “THE BEETLES” are here to enlighten your world with elegant and fragrant candles. Our unique collection of soy wax candles are designed to create beautiful stories at every corner of your house.


We believe that the fragrance is that one element that can take you back in time, unfold many cherishing memories or can make new mesmerizing moments in present. Our aromatic candles have got the magic to create or bring thousands of unforgettable memories back into your life and we “THE BEETLES” want to be the reason and concrete part of that moment.


The Beetles is a great medium to arouse the ambiance and spark of your surroundings. We understand that an illuminated fragrance can reconstruct any form of mood and kindle up a new memory. With our luxurious range of products, we commit you ecstasy in every journey of your life. Experience the whole new trending concept with us to add an extra value to the interior of your home and life.

Give us a chance to nourish and be a part of your memorable moments..!!